vineri, 4 septembrie 2009


I've got really amazing friends.
And i adore them.

Poate ca sunt mai distanta cu unii dintre ei,cu altii tin legatura foarte rar,iar cu altii everyday.They are always there to make me smile.

Some are made for hardcore party,some for advices.Some for a funny night,some for a funny day.

But at least they are always there for me,and they dont ask me to be in a way or another.They dont want me blonde,they dont want me with big tits and curved ass.They dont want me to have a specific accent,because we all have funny accents,and it's always fun to hear us speak a different language.They laugh everytime someone is telling a joke,even if it's really stupid.They always push me to party harder than before,and we always have the best parties,and we laugh and we drink and we smoke,and then again,and again..we all see stupid things and we laugh again,share thoughts.They don't want me to be pretty,nor they want me to be ugly.They never ask me to do everything i can about something and they dont play games.They never get on my nerves because they cant.And we all trust eachother,even with the most kinky facts and deepest secrets.
They always accept my fucked up days and my fucked up behaviour.My insesibility,and my swearings.Because they know i cant mean a word.They stand me when im yelling like a crazy,when i hit them,when im incredibly mean to them.They dont need me to be clever and they dont want me dumb.They dont want me to be another person,having another body or look.

They just want me as i am.

Because we had an amazig day going to that concert.And we were singing along at the sunset,jumping and laughing and dancing,smoking and drinking.

They wanted me to be happy,to be near me these days.And to tell me how stupid i am.And oh well,i get this one very often,but they're right.Because they know me tough and rude and...they actually know me as a bully.And they know i dont like to be humiliated,or that i dont accept certain behaviours or voice tones or words...But they always say im stupid,because im too kind,and i'm not even close to what they know with somebody.They dont get how can i be different.

And they will never let me down.Or choose instead our time something else.We always answer the phone even if it's only for yelling or being rude.

Today we all had great time together,just like in school..
Oh,of course,pt ca unii dintre ei,(mai exact un baiatii)sunt uneori atat de ingrati incat te pufneste rasul,dar e de bine.

Si oricum,daca e sa'mi cer scuze de ceva fata de voi..Ar fi asa..

Miruna: Jur ca nu ma mai indragostesc de tine in ore si nu o sa mai am tendinte dinalea kinky.Si nu osa te mai musc de fata si nici nu osa te mai mantuiesc cu apa plata in ora de geografie pt ca te credeam satana.Si sa sti ca nu vb serios cand iti zic ca esti inapta la fardat si astea..sunt doar rautacioasa.

Stefan: Scuze ca ma uitam la desene si ca iti tot faceam observatii aiurea,ca ma dadeam suparata fata de tine din orice cand nu era adevarat si ca am fost o nesimtita cu tine cand nu trebuia.Mi se parea funny.Ah si scuze ca sunt o aiurita,ca de fapt,scuze pt tot comportamentul.Stiu ca ti s'a cam luat de metodele mele ciudate de a exista si de a ma comporta.Nu e vina mea si sti asta.Si scuze ca ti'am umplut ochiul cu flegma.Eram total intrigata de cat de drogat erai.:))Funny:))Why would you want to catch a dead fish with a stick tho?Si numai fi asa nesimtit cand iti mai zic cate ceva de fratitu!Lumea e de acord cu mine.

I've got really amazing friends.
And i adore them.

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