vineri, 7 ianuarie 2011


Baby baby you're as sweet as sugar,endlessly melting on my tongue.
Baby baby you're also as evil as the depths of hell,torture can be you middle name.

But baby baby stop your foolish needs of going on a separate road,cease the need to entwine with another female body in any way.

And baby baby i'll be everything you wished for,i'll be everything.

Cause baby baby even if our road was hard,or it still may be,i'll never go off this road with you.
Cause baby baby, you made some mistakes in the past,and you made some recently,i did too.

But baby baby i'll love you just the way you are..because you're different,you're lovely,you're childish,you're pure,raw,ecstatic,beautiful.You're the half that fulfills mine.You're electrifying,passionate.

You're LOVED.

And i don't care how comfy my bed is right now,your bed is where i wanna be now.