sâmbătă, 11 decembrie 2010


Time has stamped us both with pleasure
Wrapped up in his cloth forever
Our love has grown
Our souls had sewn

Bodies entwine craving each other
Lips fighting in sweet surrender
Our fire has lit
Our dance beat

Theres no forever as i pray
For some moments here to stay
There's no time that'll come
To hold us as one
There's no time that'll die
To stop this unutterable cry.

Pouring hate inside your soul
Desire nothing but to crawl
Burning you down
With every single dawn.

Never trusting you again
After putting this heart trough pain
Eternity dissolved so quick
Trust wall ruined brick by brick

-by me


In love with you from the start
I think we should never be apart
Made me feel like no one before
I will love you forevermore.

This feeling i cannot explain
This feeling of true pain
Smelling your tee’s perfume stain
Then searching for you in vain

I know i’ve done wrong
And now i listen to our song
Hoping it’ll bring you back
Make our love get back on track

I want to be loved by you once more
The feeling of your love i adore
I’ll scream until my throat gets sore
Till they know or love’s hardcore

I miss you very much
I wanna feel your touch
Please forgive me pretty soon
Wanna see our love in bloom

Let’s get back together
Otherwise i’ll be lost in this surrender
I cannot stand the pain
Please come and let’s be happy again.

-by me