marți, 21 aprilie 2009

I Love..

I LOVE your messy,curly hair and the way i play with it.Your green eyes..and the way you look at me.
I LOVE your face.Especially in the morning.And how you make adorable faces.And your cute little nose.
I LOVE...your lips,and the way they taste,the way they kiss mine.I LOVE your lips on my lips.
I LOVE your neck.And the smell of your perfume.
I LOVE your skin..soft and warm..I LOVE your skin on mine.I LOVE your chest and how you tickle everytime i touch you.I LOVE your laugh.
I LOVE your body.Your legs.Your ass.I LOVE the way i cant resist you.I LOVE your touch.
I LOVE how you embrace me..and kiss my neck and clasp my hand.
I LOVE your voice,and how you whisper that you love me.I LOVE when you act like a child.I LOVE your personality.
I LOVE how you look in the candle light,and how i cant see you at all,when im on the stairs and you open the door.
I LOVE your scent.It makes me crazy.
I LOVE how you sleep.
I LOVE how you make me angry (sometimes) just to tell me that i'm sweet.
I LOVE you under the sheets.And our late night talks.
I LOVE how you move, how you raise your hand a bit when you say that you dont know and how you try to explain things to me,or the look you give me when i dont pay attention.
I LOVE when you're worried about me,cause i rarely see you worry.
I LOVE to spend the night with you.
I LOVE your t-shirts.Your jeans..Your shoes.
I LOVE your touch.''Your'' bed.Your fingers.Your wet tongue..searching for mine.How they entwine.
I LOVE any second you spend with me.Anything related to you.
I LOVE your sweetness.Everything about you.

I LOVE YOU.Anytime.Anywhere.No matter what.

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John spunea...


daca incep eu sa scriu despre tine iubi
1. nu as mai termina
2. nu m'ai crede, ai spune ca exagerez
3. nu as exagera


Honeythief spunea...