marți, 11 august 2009

The Kill.

Since i've got nothing interesting to do,this night i thought of writing something random to spend my silly time.So here's a post way different from those older posts.YAY for you.

So what kills me slowly today:

Today i had no morning coffee.Makes me angry.What's extremely stupid and makes me angry even more is the fact that mom claims she has no money to buy anything like coffee or food.So yes,i'm starving and i have no coffee.It's not the lack of money,it's because she would do anythig for me to go to the church.

I had no juice today and i dont even think of drinking pure water if it's not one of those 2 water companies i like most.Any other bottled watter tastes in my opinion like paint.

I was forced to drink milk and i hate milk up to the point where i would see myself killing all those stinky cows.Ew.

Milk is super only with coffee ice cream and frappe.And certain kind of food.

My mom is totally way behind human race.Evolution rejected her stupidity,therefore,rejected her,or there's no other answer to her dorky way of living.

Im sick of waiting really.I wanna talk with him.

Mom called me a bitch today because she hates the way i dress.

And all of this kills me because i cant stand the fact that i am and will be a part of her.Ew.

My phone just died two days ago.I miss him so much he was one of those 5 things that make me happy.I am so sorry i killed him but i was really drunk.Think im cursed.Im unable of having sofisticated mobile phones,therefore i have a yucky way-too-old-nokia.

I really wanna go out for a walk.It's a warm night and i would like to go out and smoke.But i wont.
Today mom ruined my eyebrows.She is indeed horrible.
She ruined my just-finished-painting too.Ripped it off like a caveman!

Thinking of painting my walls is fun.I'd like ribs and skulls.Listening to Metallica makes me even more inspired.Gives a great feeling too.

Think i will call someone,share 3 words.

My last wish tonight: I do not want to be like mom when i grow up.She has no morals and values.She's an awful parent and i would die right now for some other place to stay.

Ps: 1.Busy tones make me sick.Issues past held.
2.I miss my cat.I wanna hug her.

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