joi, 9 octombrie 2008

The apple

I never finished it.Because for apples like me,there is one person in this world who can climb that high for me,pick me,keep me safe not to drop me on the ground,and then admire how red my colour is,without any desire about eating me.

That brave man should take care of the apple he just picked.His job is to keep the apple to beaming red and have the apple for him only.

Apples do not have legs to run away,nor hands to hit you.They can only be rotten inside.And thats why he has to take the courage to climb up high for the good apples,never rotten.

Unfortunately,few men have the courage to do this.Why climb up high,when u can instead take an apple from the tree?An apple situated right in front of your eyes,so u dont have to climb.It's easier this way.So the big unrotten red apples always think they have something,they are not good enough,because no body wants them,no body wants to climb for them.

Apples like these always hope for better,in every man they see on the ground.Everyday they see those who do not climb.

They hope and they hope until they see that rarely,one of all those men is climbing.When that is happening,apples hope even harder,and get even brighter,bigger,the man now has his hand so near,his fingers almost touched the apple.The apple almost felt his touch.The apple was so happy,even loved that man,the apple was evetually leaving the tree,somebody wanted the apple,he wanted this apple!

Then,clouds came,and the sunny day became a rainy one.The man said 'Im gonna get wet,i will come next day cause i really like that apple'.The apple felt dissapointed,but felt better when the man came back.All the week was a rainy one.Few minutes were sunny a day.He always came to stare at the apple,wishing to own it.

The apple then felt for him.

2 weeks later he came rarely.Until he never came back..The apple hadnt seen him again.The apple knew that no body is gonna come again.No matter how hard the apple wished to see his face again.It didnt happen.

Then,slowly..the red apple became yellow,and then,later morning the apple had fallen on the ground.It was bruised and slagged.But no matter how yellow and bruised it was,the apple's inwards was tasty and flavoured..

The apple stood on the ground long long time,dissapointed..

Waiting for the day when somebody will come

And the apple waited..

and waited...

and everybody was gone

and it waited still

hoping and hoping

but no one came for it.

the apple is still waiting right now..

you just have to find it,

not give away chances

not to dissapoint a soul that made efforts to belive that what is happening is true!

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