sâmbătă, 11 decembrie 2010


In love with you from the start
I think we should never be apart
Made me feel like no one before
I will love you forevermore.

This feeling i cannot explain
This feeling of true pain
Smelling your tee’s perfume stain
Then searching for you in vain

I know i’ve done wrong
And now i listen to our song
Hoping it’ll bring you back
Make our love get back on track

I want to be loved by you once more
The feeling of your love i adore
I’ll scream until my throat gets sore
Till they know or love’s hardcore

I miss you very much
I wanna feel your touch
Please forgive me pretty soon
Wanna see our love in bloom

Let’s get back together
Otherwise i’ll be lost in this surrender
I cannot stand the pain
Please come and let’s be happy again.

-by me

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